A Few Pre-Sales Questions

Looks great! A couple questions before I purchase:

I’m going to be using it on Multi-site and thus would be purchasing the developer version. I want to create my own version of your templates with my own content. Is it possible to create these and have them be the templates that all the sites in the multisite network use?

Is it possible to put my custom templates under the home page and content templates or do they need to be in “Your Templates”?

What exactly are the White Label features. Can I completely replace all beaver branding with my own within my multisite network.

What is the theme that comes with it and is it heavily branded or is it possible to remove the branding on that as well.

Thanks so much for what looks like a very promising product.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for contacting us and thanks for your interest in our products! Re. your questions, you can create as many templates as you like and save them for future use, but the ability to port them to other sites in your multisite network isn’t possible at this point in time. That is great feedback though and we’ll definitely take that into consideration going forward. At the moment, you can export your templates and import them into each site.

Any template you create will be in the ‘Your Templates’ section as well.

Re. white labeling, you can change the name of the Page Builder in any reference in WordPress aside from the plugins area.

The theme is complementary and is not heavily branded.

Let us know if you have any further questions and thanks again for your interest!


Thanks Billy. So just to be clear, I will be using the New Blogs Template plugin from WPMUDEV - it has been referenced several times in this forum. (https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/new-blog-template/?project_version=b&utm_expid=3606929-3.h81fJH5hSeWKRLgbJFtxGw.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F )

It essentially makes a copy of an existing site in the multi-site network and uses that as the basis for a new site. I would think in that case the Your Templates would copy over to the newly created site. Where are the Your Templates stored? Are they in the settings or the data for the site? Also, If I understand correctly, there is a way to turn off the Home Page and Content Templates so they don’t show up network wide. Is that correct?

Thank you.

Hi Steve,

That is a pretty cool plugin that I could see being very useful! Templates you create are custom post types so I believe, yes, they would come along for the ride!

You are correct in that you can turn off/on core templates and/or user templates.

Let me know if I can help any further!


Thanks for your reply Billy. The New Blog Templates doesn’t seem to carry over custom posts, but I’ve got a message into their techs to confirm that. So my only alternative would be to somehow change your default content (for Home and Content Templates) with my own until hopefully one day you guys come up with a solution for this :slight_smile:

I’m pretty good at doing this kind of this provided the data isn’t obfuscated in some way. Is this possible with your data for the default templates - I know it might take some work on my part and that I’d have to replace it with each update. Where might I find this content and any hints you have about how to go about customizing it would be appreciated. I know from reading the forums that I’m not the only one that would benefit from this knowledge.

Hi Steve,

The data for the default templates is stored as a serialized array of objects located at data/templates.dat. Currently, the only way to override those would be by replacing that file with your own template data, although as you said, that file does get replaced with each update. You might try unserializing that data to get an idea of what you would need to do to make this work.

I hope that helps!


Thank you Justin and Billy! I went ahead and purchased the developer version and am very happy with that decision! You guys have created an amazing product.

A QUICK UPDATE: So it turns out that Beaver Builder works perfectly with WPMU’s New Blog Templates. Everything is copied over to the new site, including all of “Your Templates.” This is such good news!

It would be great though, to have the ability to completely customize the “Home Pages” and “Content Pages” tabs and be able to put our own templates in there. My idea would be able create my own tabs, call them whatever I’d like, and put my templates in there.

Thanks for an amazing product!

Thanks for the kind words, Steve!

Hi Steve,

Thanks for purchasing and the kind words! I’ll keep that in mind as a feature request for future development.