Ability to edit individual posts?

Hi Justin, Robby, Billy and co…

I’ve been setting up my website using BeaverBuilder over the last few days and I’ve just hit a snag.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you can edit posts but the button in the WP admin bar isn’t showing up whenever I am on an individual post. I would like to replicate the sidebar and blue heading for each individual post but can’t find how to do it. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Ashley.

Hey Ashley,

Site is looking great! Sounds like the Page Builder isn’t activated for posts, rather, only pages. That is an easy fix though! Go ahead and access your WordPress dashboard, rollover Settings > Page Builder and toggle the checkbox under Post Types for Posts. That should work perfectly! Let me know how it goes.


Thanks Billy - BeaverBuilder is fun to work with so that helps! Still got a way to go with it yet though :slight_smile:

Nice easy fix thank you :slight_smile:

Have a great day, Ashley.