ACF field labels

Sorry for asking about ACF all the time, but it seems to be BB relevant. Is there any way to get a custom field label to magically appear in a layout? I’m building this very large themer and having to write in field ‘titles’ is a pain.
Thanks …

It will not populate automatically. You will add manually.

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean manually in the template or is there a way to make it appear through the UI?
In the meantime, I found a bit of a workaround. I’m creating empty text fields and then filling them with conditional code in the BB front end. It’s tedious but it’s working!!

Hi, not sure to understand… do you want to output ACF fields labels in the layout?
Or do you want the ACF fields keys to be listed in Themer’s field connection UI?

Plugins exist for both requirements.

For example:

City = ‘New York’

I would like the front layout to show:

City: New York

I don’t know how to pull the field name/label e.g. City, onto the front.

The Custom Content Shortcode (free) plugin will help to fetch the ACF label and output it in the layout using a shortcode like this:
[field field_name out=field-label]