Add beaver elements to widgets


Is there a way to add beaver elements to a theme widget?
For example, I have a theme which is perfect for my project.
It has one widget which is visible across all pages and posts, just below the header.
Is there a way to add beaver post elements to a theme widget?

Currently I am using 2 builders: 1. pagebuilder by siteorigin to add element to that particular widget and beaverbuilder for site design.

Is that possible by beaver? I would really like to use only one builder.

Hey Gstarr,

That’s not possible unfortunately. We’ve a workaround though if you’re interested. You can save the module as a template, then use the Insert Pages plugin so you can call the contents of the template via shortcode. You’ll also need to use our fl_builder_global_posts filter so the template’s CSS/JS files get loaded globally. Let us know if you need further help with that. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben,
I installed the plugin but don’t understand what I need to do with a function you linked and how to get the beaver content inside the widget.

From the plugin screenshots I am supposed to create a page, then I can create a shortcode which I can insert. But I don’t need a page, all I want is to add a beaver content to the widget.

Gotcha. If the above workaround doesn’t work for you then there’s no other way. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.