Add custom content to theme header


I need to add custom content within the header div. Do I just track down the header_layout() function and add it there (within a child theme of course) or is the a better method I may not know about since this is really my first serious project in BB?


Hi Michael! You won’t be able to override the function in a child theme, but you can override the template file.

If you explore the header_layout function, you’ll see it loads up one of the nav-* template files. You can override those template files in your child theme. So, if you have the navigation style set to bottom, you can put includes/nav-bottom.php in your child theme and it will load that file instead of the default.

You can also just remove the header_layout() function call from your header.php file and put your markup there.

Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

Hey Robby,

Yeah, it occurred to me after I posted that all I really need to do is wrap the header_layout() and my code (adding a widget area) together within my own div. It’s just so I can have positioning control over the new widget area in CSS.

It would probably be just as easy to add it to right nav template file too though. I’ll remember that for next time. (yeah right! :smiley: )


Haha. No problem. Glad I could help. Let us know if you have any other questions.