Add Font Family support to other modules...

Hey guys,

We encountered an obstacle today I wanted to get your feedback on. We need Font family fields for Callout and Call to Action like you have in the Headings module. Is something like that on the roadmap? If not, what’s your opinion on extending or hooking into your existing modules for us to add fields? I’ve yet to deeply analyze your app, so any insight into how you would go about this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Welcome to the BB forums!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of hooking into the module settings to add in a field. I guess for the time being our only option is to add an ID to the Callout or CTA module and target them using CSS.

But I do see the use of having the font family field in there and if you’ve got the time we would appreciate it if you can add that in as a feature request on UserVoice.


Done, thank you Jun. Are there any hooks or filters for adding custom fields to modules?

Hi Wilson,

There aren’t any hooks that would help in this case, but you can accomplish that by overriding those modules. Have a look at that section in the Custom Module Docs and let me know if you have any questions.