Add to Cart Button is taking 12-20 seconds to load on beaver builder theme

My website is built on beaver builder theme. I have optimized my website and my google page speed score is 97 and 100 for mobile and desktop. But i am still facing the problem that my ADD TO CART Button is taking almost 15-20 sec to load. I have tried every possible thing but didn’t fixed it up. everyone said that it’s the theme bug. so please help me in fixing, my sales are getting decrease day by day. i hope beaver builder theme team will help me. i have spent $$ upon buying it and spent months to built my site, now i need this problem to be fixed please.

If you are going to invest in a site with ecommerce and plan to make money, dont use a shared host. You are sharing everything including the database.

You are sharing it with 3470 other websites. See

Invest your time and money and use a proper host.