Adding CSS Selectors to module

Hi there,

I’ve added a CSS selector to a text module – home-top – and then added a simple rule in custom CSS file using Dynamik to change color to white.

It is not being applied. All the text in the text module is black.

So to be clear – when I add CSS selector to module, do no start with . start with letter.

So in the text module settings it is just home-top?

If so, wondering why the CSS isn’t being applied to the module.

What am I missing?

Thanks, yael

Actually, when I check the CSS, the new selector is not being applied to the element.

The only CSS being applied is:

.fl-node-54f2a83c9f272 *
color: #ffffff;

Not the new CSS selector I created called home-top.

Also, I set the color in the Parent Row to white and it’s not being applied to the Text Module within the row.

[Content Hidden]

Hi Yeal,
I have posted this some time ago: External CSS.

Perhaps this helps.

Regards, Leo

Hi Yael,

Just gave this a look and it appears you got it figured out? It appears your CSS selector is working as it should. Let me know if you need assistance on this still.