Adding Height to the small version of the shrinking header

  1. We are using a hamburger menu and I can position it fine before the user starts scrolling, but once the scroll begins and the headers shrinks, the hamburger menu lands very close to the top of the browser window. I would like to add some padding or margin above the hamburger menu (that doesn’t effect the logo at all) to vertically center it with the logo on the opposite side.

  2. Is there a way to add overall height to the menu after it has shrunk to the smaller size?

I can’t seem to figure out the CSS ID or class to make it work.


Can you provide a link to the site, please.

Hey Danny,
We have decided to go a different route on the project we were working on, but here is a link to another site where we kind of had the same issue. I believe it works better because the logo is more square. When the clients logo is horizontal, we have to do more adjusting. Please let me know if you can point out the CSS code we would need to add to adjust this. When I add more padding to the logo to make the shrunken header taller for equal spacing above and below the logo, it throws off the vertical alignment of the hamburger menu.