Adding SideBars


I am using the BBtheme.

I am getting myself into a muddle when trying to add a specific sidebar to a specific page. I would like the sidebar to have links to all the pages in the submenu of the main page of that menu heading. For example for the page/menu heading Membership all pages underneath that which individual, organisational etc should have links to those pages in the sidebar.

I have saved the sidebar menu called membershipsidebar, have created 2 columns, have added a sidebar module to the righthand column but cannot get the membership sidebar to show.

In the page attributes template for that page - there is the heading sidebar setting but it only shows the default sidebar.

What am I doing wrong please ? Many thanks for the help


Hey Stephen,

If you’ve already saved a menu for that specific page, you can call it using either the Menu module, or the Custom Menu widget. Have you tried that?


Hey Ben - thanks - I have saved the sidebar menu in the menu settings but cannot call or see the name of the sidebar menu when I load the custom sidebar module and look for the name. All there is a Primary Sidebar and Footer menus.

What do you suggest please ?

Many thanks


Hi Stephen,

If I understand you correctly and I apologise in advanced if I am incorrect. But it sounds like you have created a custom menu called Sidebar and wish to display this in your sidebar.

If this is correct, then you won’t see that menu using the Sidebar module, as that will only call sidebars and not menus.

Therefore, if you want to display a menu in your sidebar, you will want to use the Menu module and select your menu from the list.


Hi Danny,

Many thanks and I feel a fool now ! Sorry for the bone question but am now on the right track !

Best regards,