Adjust column settings after adding a module?

Hi, it seems very odd to me that if I want to adjust the column settings once I add a module it is not possible. With other page builders I can adjust settings of a column even once I have modules or widgets added to them.

For instance I have added 2 columns to a row, I have added my 2 text modules to each column. I have added my content, and decide I want to add a class to the column, not the module. It seems not possible. This is extremely frustrating that now I have to remove my modules from the columns and then adjust the settings of the column, then pull the modules back in to the columns. Seems like I am wasting too much time if I have to do this each time. Yes I can think about the column settings prior to adding content, but in our case we are using this to build our wire frames first before going to design so the client can see something structurally.

Once we have approval on the wire frame build, and the design has been done, then I will create classes for each column or row if need be. Please consider a way I can adjust column settings after modules have been placed. This is the only builder that I have sen where I cannot seem to do this. Or have I missed something obvious in where I can do this?

Thank you all, Dave has cleared this up i my other thread regarding creating new columns in the row. The setting is in there. The UI was not clear enough to be obvious for me at first.

Awesome! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: