Agency Question

Besides multisite options, which is new to me, what other main benefits will the agency upgrade provide?
I build sites for others and tend to get customers who have no tech skills, nor are they interested in learning. They want all done for them, from domain acquisition to site maintenance.

Hey JP,

The real benefits of the Agency lie in the ability to white label the plugin if that’s important to you and it offers more robust options for things like overriding our page templates with your own as well as network wide settings as opposed to configuring BB settings on each site that you build.


Thanks Billy,
Once installed and white labeled, I can then charge a premium for the special page builder, correct?
But after built, it cannot be locked or removed, correct.
Being new to WP, the BB plug-in is simply awesome.
I do look forward to learning more about what the ‘new couple’ has brought to the table, as far as custom module tweaks. Will these soon be revealed via examples?
It’s quite exciting.
Great Job & Thanks again

Yep, that is correct! Essentially, you would selling websites with a page builder that you can label as your own solution if that makes sense. After built, the plugin would have to remain, yes, but you can lock it down after the fact if you like using the BB settings.

Ah yes, we have several new modules coming out very shortly actually. To start, we’ll be rolling out the posts carousel and slider modules with a menu module fast on its heels! :slight_smile:


Great News!
Is the lock down setting in the pro version and if so where?
Thanks for your time,

Yep, in your dashboard settings panel > Page Builder > Editing.