Agency template & Dynamik header


I am building a site with Beaver Builder and Dynamik. I changed my homepage to the Agency homepage template but the header is still my Dynamik header - e.g. it doesn’t look like the Agency demo with the small menu and social links above my logo and main menu.

How is the header controlled when using Beaver and Dynamik? I like the Dynamik header so it’s ok if it stays but I want a small menu (currently the secondary menu) and social icons above the current header…


Hi Sara,

Beaver Builder has no effect on the theme you are using (heading layout, menus, etc.), Dynamik or otherwise :slight_smile:

The BB templates, such as the BB Home Page template ‘Agency’, is for use on any page within your site.

I’m not sure where you saw “the Agency demo with the small menu and social links above my logo and main menu.”

The screenshot you provides looks exactly as it should with the BB Agency template applied to your Dynamik theme homepage :slight_smile:


Hey Lyle,

Thanks for jumping in and the thorough explanation. The agency demo she meant is this one.

Hey Sara,

What Lyle said above is correct. The Beaver Builder plugin can only modify the body content of the page. Headers, footers, menus, widgets and sidebars are all managed by the theme you are using. Unfortunately, I’ve no experience with Dynamik. But there’s a lot in the community(Lyle is one if I’m not mistaken) who does and they might just jump in this thread as well.