All non BB plugins disabled, everything updated, everything broken


When creating a clients website a couple months ago, I used BB to edit all pages except the main homepage. It worked fine for the most part with several plugins disabled, but would require cache deletion every 20 minutes or so for things to appear properly. If this was not done, the builder would be a complete UI mess unless I reset all of the margin and padding values and added the values again. It took a very long time.

I’ve since cloned this site to make a different website for the same client. Beaver Builder was working fine, and even made some pages full width. This feature never worked in the BB free version on most pages on my 1st website for the client. However, hours later, with everything disabled except Beaver Builder Cards, Beaver Builder Plugin (Lite Version), Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder, Orbit Fox Companion, PowerPack Lite for Beaver Builder, and WPForms Lite - and the BB UI is back to being broken, and will not save changes or make pages full width.

I’m using Hestia Pro as the theme - which advertises working with BB. I’m not sure what to do next, as these issues make it impossible for me to finish this site. I’m in a constant loop of resetting margins, saving, clearing caches, over and over again.

I really wish I could figure out what is going on. I’m losing my mind here. Any advice is appreciated.


For reference the website is Sections such as “Data Services” under the software menu are working, but sections such as “Financial Services” or anything else under the Turn-Key solutions menu are an example of what my pages safe as, and what the UI looks like even after saving.


If you disable all plugins except for Beaver Builder does this resolve the issue? If it doesn’t, keep the plugins disabled and then switch theme to something like Twenty Seventeen and check again.

Hello Danny,

I have tried both of your suggestions. Still nothing. Changes won’t save and the previous issues still remain when disabling all other plugins except BB and using the Twenty Seventeen theme.

Thank you for responding to my issue so quickly though. Hope your weekend is going well.


Hi Shawn,

Can you contact our helpdesk you can use the link below. Please, include a link to this topic.

Hello Danny,

I have sent a message through the form.