All of a sudden, the hover color for icons is not working...

It must have been a recent update as it was working nicely before.

Have a look at my nice new BB site :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dave

Hey Dave,

Great work on the new site! I just took a look and don’t see icons being used - would you mind letting me know if you are still experiencing the issue?


Sure. Here is a test page I just put up on my site:

No rollover :frowning:

This is on my regular server. I just sent you a private post regarding another issue whihc is on a different server I am testing to see if I like it.

I am not doing anything too weird n either server.

On the one where I sent you the login, feel free to makes any changes you feel necessary. It is purely a test, so no harm will be done.

I am having much fun with Beaver Builder and look forward to getting the kinks out so I can start doing more sites.

Thanks much, Dave

Very interesting, Dave, I am having the same issue on a test site I use. I’ll get a bug report in the works for this. Thanks for pointing it out!


I can confirm that this works on v1.42 and breaks on 1.43

Were you able to find what it was about the 1.43 update that broke the icon rollover color? Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,

Yep! This has been fixed and will be released in the next maintenance update that we are working on. It shouldn’t be more than a few days to a week before that’s available.