Am I too late for a refund?

Guys, would it be possible to get a refund on my Pro version of BB?

I bought BB based on product reviews, and I remain convinced that it is one of the best page builders on the planet. But I can see now that it’s designed more for web wonks than for us “private citizens” that have a day job, but only want a nice web site.

Quite frankly, I’ve also been disappointed by the quality of your tech support. When I pay upwards of $200 for a product, I expect to get good support. You guys have all been great at answering my forum posts, and you usually do it quickly.

But when I asked about using BB on an existing site, all I got was generalities and one guy said (and I paraphrase), “Gee, I’ve never tried that.” When I reported about all the errors found by the W3C validators, I expected a little more than “Don’t worry about it.”

Look, I know I can be a PITA, asking silly questions that you probably see as obvious. But, as I said, I’m not a web wonk, and don’t aspire to be one. I just want a nice looking site. I know I can’t expect you to hold my hand and lead me through the maze, but I did hope for more serious answers to my questions.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi Jack,

Sorry to hear about the refund. Can you please email us directly to follow-up on your request? Our email is themes[at]fastlinemedia[dot]com. Thanks!


Hi Jack,

Perhaps take a look through these beginner videos before completely pulling the BB plug :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link, Lyle. I have no doubt that I’ll learn something from the video, and from all the others I’ve found on line. The problem for me was – and is – I can’t view videos or read tutorials if I don’t know they exist.

If you look back through some of my other posts, you’ll see that I asked, more than once, for a list of references like this one. I really didn’t get much help.

I know you guys are real busy building and improving BB, but I’d like to gently suggest that you take the time to post a comprehensive list of URLs like the one you gave me. It would save us newbies a ton of time and frustration.


There’s an entire documentation/Knowledge Base page here:

it’s found by simply hovering over the Account link and choosing Knowledge Base from the drop-down.

For what it’s worth, the customer support the guys provide is the best I’ve ever seen. They go above and beyond in helping people, regularly going into customers’ sites to find out what might be wrong and correcting it. That is rare to find.

Thanks for the kind words guys! :slight_smile:

Jack i am a BB user and have created many websites for both myself and customers if you spend some time and learn to use BB it is a great program to use much better then others out their. I also own many of the others and like using BB over the others BB is more easy to use and offers a great feature set…