Any reasons Page Builder disabled for Posts by default?

So I’ve got my site built out with pages and now looking to add some posts.

I’m working on my first post and thought a button with a call to action at the end would be a nice touch. So I’d like to play around with adding this button and perhaps some other Page Builder elements to Posts.

I found another thread that shows how to enable Page Builder for Posts.

So I know how to do it. My question is: should I do it?

I assume it’s disabled by default for a reason. And following this logical thread am thinking that editing posts is trickier than editing pages and can cause problems.

Is my assumption that it’s disabled because it’s tricky correct? What potential problems should I watch out for when editing posts in Page Builder?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Thomas,

The only reason we disabled the builder on Posts by default is that we were under the assumption, and we still are, that the builder will be used solely on Pages. Posts are geared more towards inline content, not layout, as opposed to page if that makes sense.

That said, there shouldn’t be any issues/difficulties using the page builder on Posts. :slight_smile: It should still work as is although the Posts layout may be a bit different from the Page layout, but this would depend on the theme you’re using. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


So I just got around to experimenting with using the pagebuilder on a post. I wanted to insert a new row with a subscribe form in between the end of the post body and the beginning of the comment section.

I was 90% done with article, went in, made changes in PageBuilder, saved changes and exited pagebuilder and then went back into edit post to finish last 10% of post.

When I did this I got a message that the post was currently open in PageBuilder even though I had closed PageBuilder. I need to finish my post so I ignore warning and flip back to the text editor tab.

Upon flipping back to the text editor the subscibe row I had added was essentially lost (it was converted to simple text and absorbed into the post body).

Am I doing something wrong?

P.s. I also noticed that after editing the post via PageBuilder all content in the post body area was tabbed in a bit. It returned to normal spacing when the PageBuilder changes were lost. I don’t know why the body was tabbed in. Do you?

Hey Thomas,

You can’t switch between the native WP editor and page builder. It has to be one or the other. Any changes you make on the native WP editor won’t be reflected to the page builder and vice versa. Also, every time you make changes and publish a builder layout, a stripped down version of the layout is ported to the native WP editor.

Re the spacing on the post body area, can you share the URL of the page in question so we can take a look?