Any way of specifying width of content area?

Using boxed mode for a site but content area is not quite wide enough. How/Where can we increase the percentage of the width of the page content? This may be something worth adding to the layout area of customizer if boxed mode is selected.

Hey Gary,

Are you running the latest version of the theme, 1.5? There should already be a content width scroller under General > Layout. Can you check?


DOH! The version on my development machine was indeed out of date.

Is there a reason the theme and plugin will not update remotely from my localhost install on my pc?

Also on another note discovered that Web 2.0 Directory core plugin clashes with beaver theme makes the customizer go all wonky.

Hi Gary,

  1. Have you entered your license?

  2. I am not familiar with that plugin and it appears to be a premium one from CodeCanyon. Can you provide a screenshot showing what your customizer looks like? Also, have you tried switching themes and see if the issue persists?


  1. It is not asking for a licence I just installed theme and plugin to the site on my localhost install on the pc. Where can I enter it if not prompted.

  2. Screenshot attached. No need to change theme If I temporarily disable the directory plugin the customizer appears as normal. I was just letting you know of the clash in case you stored names of plugins that clash for future developments.


Hi Gary,

  1. You can enter your license via WP Admin Dashboard > Settings > Page Builder > License.

  2. Can you send us a copy of the plugin to test, please? You can send it to hello [at] wpbeaverbuilder [dot] com.