Applying CSS to a Global Row



I have applied the following CSS to line up the phone number and Call Me sentence a global row at the top of each page. The CSS works on the Home page but not on the other global pages for some unknown reason and I am trying to find out what is going wrong.

The CSS is

.fl-builder-content .fl-row.fl-node-56fe73b927fd2 .fl-module-rich-text .fl-rich-text p {
position: relative;
top: -4px;
I appreciate any advice you can give. Many thanks and details in the private part below.



[Content Hidden]


Sorry I should have said that I am trying to get the text in the centre of the row. If I apply a margin it appears to upsets the row near the image. Many thanks


Hi Stephen,

The Row’s node ID is changing per page. That is why it is working on the home page which has that ID, but not the others.

How are you adding that Row to your page?

To resolve your issue, you will want to add a custom class to the row and target that class instead of the node-id.



Many thanks Danny brilliant as always. I have adjusted as suggested and it is working a treat.

Best regards,



Hi Stephen,

No problem and happy to hear your issue has been resolved.


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