Background image fixed safari jitter

So, having a problem with background fixed images in Safari. They jitter like crazy. I’ve been reading up and found (have not tried yet) some workarounds in css including the ‘will-change’ property. It basically helps separate the redraw of one object from the other, which seems to be the underlying issue.

Is there no built in BB workaround or solution? I’ve got this on multiple sites so I know it’s a problem and I also know that it only happens in Safari which, in my case, is about 20% of my traffic.


PS. I can send a video link to a screencast, but I’m pretty sure everyone who has used Safari is aware of the problem. But I can send it.

Thanks all.


This was a issue years ago, but shouldn’t be a problem now. What version of macOS and Safari are you using?

Hi Danny. Sorry about the double post, genuinely forgot I had already posted :frowning:
I’m on latest of everything: MacOS 10.15.4 and Safari 13.1. I’m on an iMac Pro. This said, same problem on my 13-inch and on my new Mac Pro. Tried on my PC with Edge, it’s fine. Tried on Chrome, it’s fine.

I can show you the video, or I can give you access. It’s a dev site though, so you’d have to modify hosts.

Any help would be appreciated even though this is clearly a Safari issue that needs a workaround at best.

Apologizes for the delay.

Can you submit a ticket so we can take a closer look. :slight_smile:

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