Background image on individual page header

Hi !

First, awesome work on this builder, works very well !

Now I would like my individual page to have a header that contain both the page Title (H1) + a full width background image (background: cover). How can I do that ? See this printscreen :

I can’t simply create a section with the plugin because I’m using a sidebar & I want this header to be full width.

Let me know ! Thanks

Hey Jonathan,

You should be able to add a full-width row even with the sidebar by using the sidebar module. You can add it under Add Content > Advance Modules > Sidebar on a row and then add the full-width header on top of it.


OK, will try that.

Will that keep the content in the <aside> html 5 attribute ?

Hey Jonathan,

If you use the Sidebar module, then yes, the widgets will be inside the aside tag.