Background Image Size


This is probably an obvious one that I am missing. :slight_smile:

If I use an image as a background in a row, image size 1920 × 719, in order to get all of it to show I have to mess with the padding top and bottom.

Is there a way to have this automatically scale?



Hey Hugh,

Yes, just zero out all padding and you’ll be able to get an edge to edge image. In addition, there are several photo background options you can play around with in the row settings.


Hi Billy,

thanks for the prompt reply. That’s what I assumed - but it isn’t working for me. I have attached a couple of screen shots - with the padding zeroed out, I get a narrower image. Confused.


Image 1

image 2

Ah yes, that is how the row background photo option works. You’ll need to use the padding to increase the viewable bg photo as rows are dependent on the content within them, not the other way around. The second example looks exactly as it should! :slight_smile:

Also forgot to mention, you can adjust column padding as well to get the same effect in terms of spanning the allowable area for the content.


ok, I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks again!