Backup + Bug

Hi beavers,

Still in love with the Beaver. Two questions though:

  • is there any way to undo a change that was made on the builder? I deleted an important row with a lot of info and much CSS styling in it and it does not seem possible to restore a past version of the builder prior to when I made this mistake (sorry if I missed it but I looked on the forum and couldnt find it). I think its a very important function since the beaver builder UX/UI is so well thought that it is quite easy to delete an element :slight_smile:
  • two times so far I experienced a bug when all of my elements (headers, pics etc.) were pushed on the left side of the screen and I had to manually bring everything back to where it belongs. I believe the pattern might be that both me and my partner were editing the builder at the same time when it happened - could that be the reason? or a random bug that might require an update?

CaboPress looks awesome. Enjoy the sun!


Hey Julien,

Thanks for posting! Re undoing any changes made using the page builder, you should be able to still use the Revisions system WP has in place. Simply go over to the standard WP editor page, hit revisions and see if you can find it there.

We don’t really recommend having 2 people edit the same page at the same time. This usually causes problems more often that not. Unless you can recreate the issue every time, I’m afraid it was just a random thing that happened.

Hope this helps!