BB Page Template Not Loading

Hi Guys,
I am unable to add a BB page template to a blank page. THere are no error notices or warnings - the template, any of the templates, simply won’t load into the blank page. I am working on a single site, using the latest BB Child Theme and BB Agency Ver 1.7.5.

I don’t think I’m doing anything different to how I’ve used BB in the past, and I have tried deactivating all plugins - I’m not using any plugins I haven’t used with BB before either. I hyave searched throgh the Forum with no luck.

I’ve got a horrible feeling I’m missing something, but I just don’t know what!

My site is at

Do you have any suggestions, please Guys?

Hi David,

Is it possible for you to disable the the coming soon/maintenance plugin you’e using or provide temp admin access, please? So we can take a closer look.

Also, is your issue happening on all pages or a specific page?


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Hey David,

So the problem here is that you have the template override feature enabled, yet you don’t have any custom templates available. You’ll have to disable that feature first so you can use the core templates. I’ll go ahead and file an enhancement report for this. :slight_smile:


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No worries, David! You do the same. :slight_smile: