BB plugin not working with my theme

I just purchased, installed, and set up the Beaver Builder plugin today. Before purchasing, I played with the demo version for awhile and loved it. I was very excited to get started! Unfortunately, my theme does not seem to be playing nice with the plugin. I have tried deactivating the other few plugins I have, but the page builder still won’t work.

Whenever I launch the page builder for a page, it loads, but I can’t add any content to the page. I can’t even activate a template. Nothing happens.

Here is a page I just created on my website where I’ve attempted to use the page builder: I am using the GetNoticed! theme by Michael Hyatt. My web browser is Safari 8.0.7.

Since I suspected that my theme is the problem, I tried using the page builder on one of my other websites that uses a different theme. I use the ProPhoto 4 theme on that site. At first I wasn’t able to get the page builder to work at all, but then realized I had to delete the content already in the text editor. Then by using Add Custom Field in the WP page editor to hide/remove some of the theme’s built in features like the sidebar, I got it to work, though it seems to fight with my theme settings (for example, it won’t do the circle crop on the photos, or remove the page heading). Here is an example page:

Do you have any suggestions for making my themes (particularly the first one) work better with the plugin? I was so excited about using it!

Hey Dan,

Welcome to the BB forums! Sorry to say but I haven’t had any experiences with those themes you’re using. Do you mind sharing temp admin access to the site in question so we can check? You can use the private reply option below.


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Hi Dan. Sorry you’re having trouble. I am having the same issues you mention. I think you’re right that the issue stems from the theme/theme settings.

Would it be possible to get FTP access to the site ( I’d like to peek at the theme’s code and possibly download a copy to experiment with. Thanks!

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Thanks, Dan. That’s perfect. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out why the builder isn’t working. I reached out to the Get Noticed folks. They might have some suggestions. Otherwise, I can forward this along to one of our developers to take a look. We’ll do our best to get it figured out ASAP.

Okay, thank you very much!

Hi Dan. I wanted to check back in with you. I haven’t heard back from Get Noticed yet. If I don’t hear from them, I’ll do some more testing/experimenting. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!

Thank you - I appreciate it!

Any update on this yet?

Hi Dan! Thanks for the check in. I didn’t hear back from the Get Noticed folks. :frowning: I reached out to Michael Hyatt on Twitter, we’ll see if he responds. I am about to head out for the day, but when I get in tomorrow I will take another pass at the theme. Hopefully there is a setting in there somewhere that we can toggle that will get the builder up and running. Sorry again for the trouble and thanks for your patience.

Okay, thanks for the update, and the effort!

Hi Dan! I heard back from the GNT guys. Could you send me your email in a private reply? I’d like to get you on our email thread so they can work with us together. Thanks!

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