BB Theme V1.2.9 to V1.3.0 Site Header Logo Size 'Error'

On upgrading BB Theme V1.2.9 to V1.3.0, I noticed that scrolling the browser page down throws an error with the logo size.

The placed site logo is fine at the top of (any) page, but when the page scrolls down to accommodate the sticky header position, the site logo doubles in size. It appears to be the retina size version of the logo inserting itself.

All related BB plugins are current versions.

I have tested the behavior in Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Mac and get the same result.

Setup is running locally on MAMP.

Does anyone else see this site logo size behavior on upgrading?

Hey John,

Thanks for getting in touch! I tried viewing my local site via browserstack live testing in 4 different Mac OS’es on Chrome but I can’t seem to replicate the issue. Or at least the logo looks fine and no errors on the console. Do you think you could send us a screenshot of what happens as well so we know exactly what to look?


Here are the Dropbox links showing the 2 Versions before and after updating the BB theme. I am not sure if there is any significance, but I am using the BB theme with Child theme.

Hey John,

Sorry, I should have asked this together with the screenshots, what kind of error did you get? You think you can copy the error and paste it here?


The error is the logo gets visually bigger.

Ben, the logo gets very large in the sticky header in V 1.3.0. Look at the difference in the two screenshots marked V1.3.0-1a and V1.3.0-1b. The other set of screenshots show that there is no logo size error in V1.2.9.

I have set a logo for normal size and logo at x2 the size for Retina.

Hey John,

Ah, right. Sorry. I thought there was an actual error message that you get. I’ll get the other members of the team on this and probably send out a bug report.


Hey John,

Actually, when the latest theme update was released, the guys added a small tweak to the theme then reuploaded the files again. It’s possible you updated too soon and didn’t get the tweak. Would you mind downloading the latest version of the theme on this site and reinstall it? Just make sure you have a backup of your customizer settings.


Ben, I downloaded the files from the website and replaced both the Theme and the Child Theme. The large site logo size still occurs…It gets bigger on the Static header when I scroll down.

My site logo has the two sizes, regular 72dpi and @2x for retina.

This not not occur in V1.2.9.

At this point, I can turn off the static header feature and the problem will go away.

I noticed, on your website, the Beaverbuilder logo resizes the other way. It’s large in the header then gets smaller on the static version of the header.

Hey John,

Just making sure that you cleared the BB cache as well as your browser’s cache after the installation of the newer version?

Yes, the website is on 1.3.0 and is using a retina logo as well. The logo should shrink on the fixed header since there is a max-height set to it. Do you have any custom CSS applied to the logo or header which might be affecting this? Do you think you can upload the site to a dev/test server so we can check further?


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Hey John,

I have already submitted a bug report regarding this. If you could please leave the demo site/page on so our devs can check that would be great.


Hey guys, was this resolved, or is there a hack I can do to stop the resize?

I’m trying to ship two sites and both sites have huge logos on retina screens and this is the only action I need to complete to ship them.


Just to confirm using BB Theme 1.5
Here’s a screencast of the resize on retina only.

I don’t have a retina machine so I had to reset Firefox to show my 2px per to recreate this but I’ve seen this exact behavior on multiple retina screens. The only fix is to remove the 2x logo and display the 1x across devices… but this leaves us with fuzzy out of focus images on retina/phones.

Any help is appreciated.

Answering Bobby’s issue on the new thread he posted -