BB with Visual Website Optimizer

Is anybody using Beaver Builder with Visual Website Optimizer?

We’re trying to change some of the elements like h1 text through VWO and are having some trouble. They are saying it’s because the beaver builder CSS is being generated dynamically.

How does the CSS classes get generated? Is it the first time the page/post is created and always remains the same after that or does it get re-generated ever?

Any other experiences with VWO and BB?

Hey Lloyd,

BB’s CSS is generated the first time you create a page, it’s also regenerated anytime you make changes. However, the classes for specific elements aren’t regenerated unless you delete them. Those always remain the same. For example, if you drop in a heading module, the class that won’t change might be…

.fl-node-abcdefg123456 .fl-heading-module

I’m unfamiliar with VWO, but if you send me login info and some instructions, I’d be happy to check it out.