Beaver Builder 2.5.4

2.5.4 - 05/05/2022


  • Accessibility: Fix Pricing Table Module toggle button missing form label
  • Menu Module: Make sure sub-menu item indicators are off by default for backwards compatibility
  • Tabs Module: Add options so users can style the accordion buttons/labels
  • Add new hook to target all nodes fl_builder_node_attributes
  • Post Carousel Module: Add before and after content hooks fl_builder_post_carousel_grid_before_content and fl_builder_post_carousel_grid_after_content
  • Menu Module: Add filter for replacing the hamburger icon/SVG fl_builder_mobile_menu_icon
  • Suggest Field: Add hook fl_builder_auto_suggest_lookup
  • Exclude history from exported items
  • Fix conflict with RankMath so it doesn’t prevent the Launch BB button from working

Bug Fixes

  • Don’t overwrite the existing post_type templates array. This will fix Block Templates not showing up for the post type if in use
  • Login Form Module: Fix redirect not working
  • Fix extra space above/below row and column settings menu
  • Product Module: Fix PHP Warning
  • Button Module: Fix background over/focus color issue
  • Button Group: Fix preview issues, PHP notice about BG gradient hover, and missing field connection for individual buttons
  • Global Settings: If Responsive layout is disabled, hide appropriate responsive setting options
  • Fix PHP notices relating to colors/gradients after upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5
  • Safe Mode: Disable preview
  • Fix Parent column vertical alignment overriding child/nested column settings

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