Beaver Builder Child Theme, Photoshop files, Custom Module Examples & Custom

I’m so new to this I hope you’re patient. I’ve downloaded and installed the plugin pro and the Beaver Builder Theme but I don’t know if I’m supposed to also downloaded but not installed the Child Theme, Photoshop Files, Custom Module Examples and Custom documentation.

I’m building a pretty simple website and I know zero about could, which is why I settled on Beaver Builder. So here are my questions:

Do I need to install the Child theme, photoshop files, custom module examples and custom documentation?

Are some of them themes and some are plugins? In other words, to install them, do I add a plugin or add a theme? Is the child theme installed in any different manner than the regular theme?

For now, I think that’s it.

Hi Robert,

No worries at all, good to see you in the forums! :slight_smile:

Ok, so in your particular situation, you will only need to install the theme and plugin. That should get you where you need to be per our email conversations. I don’t think you’ll need the child theme as you won’t be performing any code work, but that is good to keep in the event you have a web designer help you down the road. He/she would be able to install that for you to further customize your site if needed.


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