Beaver Builder hangs

Hi Support,

I’m using beaver builder on a development site, and overtime i’m using beaver builder, it ‘hangs’ after i have added content. After I have added some content (for example text of a separator, and I go to ad content to choose another content object, I can’t drag them anymore and blue boxes are shown in place of the content objects I can choose.

Just try yourself on my development site (, I will sent login details in reply to e-mail you send me.

Best regards,


Hi Jan-Willem,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about the issues. I believe I have experienced what you are explaining before in a few of my dev sites, but always had a hard time recreating it. That really is the trick to finding some of these pesky bugs, being able to recreate it in our environment. Anyway, sorry for the long winded reply, feel free to send along your login details and we’ll take a look!