Beaver Builder Plugin - Form Styles

Hey guys,

Thanks for changing my life! Beaver Builder is best thing to happen to me this year!

Quick Question:

The BB “Contact Form” module seems to inherit the form styles from the theme you are using it on. If that is correct, is there a way to over-ride the styles, so that I can get the pretty form styling that’s part of the Builder Theme?

Or even better, can you give us a few controls for styling the forms?

1 Form background color
2 Form Label Text color
3 Text Box / Text Area color
4 Text Box / Text Area text color
5 Button color / button text color

That should cover every type of theme out there.



Hi Colin,

Thank you for the feedback. While our contact form module is meant to be basic, I would suggest using a form plugin that is a bit more robust in terms of what you need. Gravity Forms is fantastic, but you could also look into using Contact Form 7. If you would prefer to use the BB contact form module, you could essentially style it with some custom CSS. The module does inherit the theme styles of the theme you use.


Thanks for the reply Billy.

I guessed as much, but I thought I’d bring it up as a suggestion.

A lot of the time, we just need a quick form and Gravity or CF7 is a little too much, especially if we have to style the form. Plus, if we could easily and quickly style your contact form, it would save the overhead of installing another plugin just for a few fields of information.

I love what you’re doing with Beaver Builder. It’s awesome so far…Keep up the great work!



Thanks for the kind words, Colin! We’ll certainly take your feedback into consideration for further builder development!