Beaver Builder plugin not working on a new page

I recently moved my site to a new hosting site. I’ve discovered an issue with the BB plugin.

I have an issue when creating a new page. I can build it - it looks the way it should. Then when I publish the page, click on the builder again - everything still looks normal. It is when I move away from the page - go to the dashboard, or go to another page, then come back to the page I was working on - that none of the styling works (I get a white page with generic text, and everything on the page goes to one column). However, the page looks the way it should when I leave the builder mode.

I tried purging the page and full site cache. I’ve also tried deactivating the cache plugin, and a few other plugins that could potentially be the culprit (Async Javascript, Advanced Post Manager, Jetpack) - still getting the same issue.

I worked in a staging environment and deactivated and reinstalled the PowerPack plugin. This seemed to solve the issue in the staging environment, but when I replicated the steps in the Live site, it didn’t solve the issue. I’m also using the Ultimate Addons plugin, but haven’t tried deactivating this yet.

I’ve also deactivated, deleted and reinstalled the Beaver Builder Pro plugin. This did not solve the issue either.

Hi @jtallman , you can try this guide:

Always use this to make use BB work properly on the new site :slight_smile:

Thank you @pagebuilder. I didn’t actually migrate the site myself - I left that to the hosting company. They migrated a few other sites for me that use BB with the BB Theme - and I haven’t had any issues with those sites.

I did try the clearing the BB cache - no luck.

This issue is resolved. It was a conflict with the plugin Autoptimize .

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