Beaver Builder Theme: inability to set fullwidth option on any of the pages

Hey, guys!

A few days ago, I purchased Standard package, and tried to use it with Sporta free theme by, however, i quickly realized that if I want to use fullwidth option on all pages of my website I need to upgrade to Pro package, what I have done just a few hours ago.

However, now I dont even have option of “fullwidth” page in Page Attributes menu on any of created pages. I then checked Customize button, and I found in “Layout” section the “Fullwidth option” and turned it on, but it had no effect at all. Website stil has Boxed Layout, even though in Customize section it shows fullwidth. Basically, I cant use the key option, because of which I upgraded at firts place.

I suspect that may be some widgets or plugins from Sporta theme might be the cause of this problem, but it looks quite unlikely.

I would be really thankful if you can help out with it. I am sorry if question might turn out to be a bit dumb, I dont have any experience in website development or programming. I have started building website just a few days ago, so I stil may overlook the simple sollutions.

Hi Asset,

No worries at all, we are happy to help. It sounds like you might have a preset that is boxed width set in the customizer. If so, you may want to try a different preset like “default” to see if that helps in terms of full width. Certain presets don’t allow full width due to their design, but changing presets should fix you right up! Presets are the first option once you go into the customizer just for reference. Let me know how it goes and if that helps!