Beaver Builder Theme - Plugin not working

Hey guys,

Upgraded and purchased theme and pro plugin and i cant get it to work. .

Have disabled all plugins - it just appears but it wont let you click into any of the options…

website is

Hi David,

Can you provide a temporary admin login (use the Set as private reply), so we can take a look?



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Hi David,

The problem was caused by some javascript in a text widget you had added to the footer. I changed the name of the widget to “Mailchimp Form Loader” and dragged into the Inactive Widgets area.

Beaver Builder is working fine now, but you will have to take another look at that bit of javascript in the widget if you want to use it. I suspect it’s something to do with the caching on the Amazon server that’s causing the javascript conflict.

I hope that helps.



Hey thanks for the reply - it still is not working -

I have tried beaver builder on my other sites and its working fine so it cant by my laptop issue?


Oh - it seems to be working now! I will report back if any more issues - outstanding customer service