Beaver not working with the theme


i have purhased this theme: and just installed all to completely fresh WP, however the full image functionality is not working together with Beaver. In addition the header appears.

where to start? i want to have the theme, but use beaver for content editing.


Hey JL,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

The header and footer should appear by default, that’s part of what the theme is for. If you want to use the BB Page Builder to completely layout an entire page, including the header/footer, you can use the BB theme and choose the No Header/Footer page template. That’s the easiest way around it.

Re the full image functionality, I believe you are referring to what’s on that page. I’m not really sure but I think that only works if you set your homepage to show the latest posts, and if you do that, BB won’t work since that’s a page being created dynamically by WordPress itself. Sorry but I’m not really familiar with the theme. If you haven’t yet, you can ask the theme devs how it’s done as they’re the ones who know it best. :slight_smile: