beaver template not in drop down

HI Guys,

I am trying to setup a site to redo with beaver. I have opted to develop it in the background and once completed to just change over the home page to the new one. I am using genesis with Dynamik as theme. My problem is the new home page does not give me the builder template in the dropdown as a page template. I do want this to be full width site. I have tried disabling all plugins but no change
The site is and admin is

Thx Herman

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Hey Herman,

Thanks for posting! I’m not really a Genesis user so I won’t know if a Builder Template is actually available. Do you think you could update your Genesis theme to the latest version and see if that takes care of it? If it doesn’t you can use the Genesis Dambuster plugin as it provides this option. You could also check Colin’s blog if you want another method of doing so.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ben,

I dont think it has to do with genesis. I have build a about three sites on genesis and this is the first time i have encountered this issue. The builder template is always available. I have installed dambuster and on facevalue i am still not getting full width. is a development site i did a setup for today and it is the basic same configuration as the site and the builder template is available here. I did do the upgrade of genesis also. The same login credentials can be used for both the sites.

Hey Herman,

The BB plugin doesn’t add any page templates as that is controlled by the theme. Now that you’ve sent another site which has that template, I think it has something to do with the child theme Dynamik instead. The Dynamik version on the dianas site is at 1.6 whereas the version on the purpleleaf site is at 1.9.1. Try updating your Dynamik on the dianas site and see if that takes care of it.


Once again it proves I did make the right choice to get this product! I am learning fast and one of these days you will not be hearing from me unless i am sing BB praises!

That did it. For some reason wordpress didn’t detect there was an upgrade available and i didn’t check specifically for it! Thx for your assistance!

Your support rocks!

No worries! Glad it was that simple! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: