Beaver Theme version 1.7.4

1.7.4 10/01/2019


  • Accessibility: Enable Nav Search TAB support and add aria label.
  • Accessibility: Add accessibility features to the Comment Form fields.
  • Accessibility: Add text to scroll to top link for screenreaders.
  • Accessibility: Add support for tabbing through sub-menus.
  • Accessibility: Added skip to content link for screenreaders.
  • Accessibility: Added aria-labels to thumbnail images, comment count and social icons.
  • Accessibility: Added aria-labels to searchform.php
  • Added filter for Image Logo TITLE attribute fl_logo_title.
  • Added support and styles for BigCommerce plugin.
  • Added Google Maps Social Icon
  • Performance tweaks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed button styles inside the lightbox content.
  • Change CreativeWork to Article markup in content-page.
  • Fixed button styles applying to menu toggle but only on hover.
  • Fixed menu transition not smooth when collapsing.
  • Fixed JS error in mobile menu when Bootstrap JS is not loaded.