Beaver Theme version 1.7.7

1.7.7 09/08/2020


  • Add filter fl_post_navigation_same_term to allow next/prev post navigation on single posts to be limited to the same term
  • Add new filter fl_theme_print_schema to change schema markup
  • Adjust line height so line height can be lower than 1
  • Add border hover options for custom button styles
  • Add support for changing the WooCommerce products per page
  • Button border radius is now available even if no border is set

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Full Width Post Template not going full width when using a Nav Vertical Layout
  • Fix jumpy Parallax background when using a Fixed Header
  • Fix notice in console when in Customizer about duplicate IDs used
  • Fix single column issue on WooCommerce addresses page when using Bootstrap 4
  • Fix WooCommerce single product Lightbox being cut off at the top
  • Remove opacity on Top bar social icons when using a custom color
  • Fix lazy load issues with the logo when using WordPress 5.5
  • Fix WooCommerce options appearing in customizer if WooCommerce is not active
  • Fix styling issue with a checkbox on the WooCommerce Subscriptions Add Payment Method Page
  • Fix Customizer slider not updating the text
  • Fix some custom button styles still being applied to WooCommerce buttons even if they are then turned off
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