Beaverbuilder theme and WooCommerce

Hi guys,

Quick question, if I use the BB theme, does it provide support for WooCommerce, including responsive layouts for cart, etc?

If not, then how can I get the Storefront theme to play nicer with BB? None of the provided templates give me a blank full width content container to build my BB layout in.


Hey Sean,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Yes, it does provide full support for WooCommerce, including responsive layouts. Re the storefront theme, not really sure there as I haven’t tried it before. There may be theme settings which you can set/unset to remove those? You can check the theme docs.


That’s great to hear. I was only using the Storefront theme to ensure I’d have a responsive layout for all the store related pages, if I can get that with the BB theme then I don’t need to worry (plus BB is so much better to work with via the Customizer, better than all the themes I’ve used since it come in actually!).

Glad you’re liking the BB theme! Enjoy! :slight_smile: