Beta - Post Carousel issue

Just testing out new beta and found this issue.

gif seems to cut off. Here’s link to video clip:

Hey Dennis,

Thanks for giving the beta version of the plugin a ride! I tried it on my local dev environment but I can’t seem to replicate the issue? I followed your layout, 2 Posts Carousel in 1 column. The first one a Grid layout and the second one a Gallery layout with 0 post spacing. Do you think there is some setting that I’m missing in order to recreate this issue? Again, thanks for trying it out! We really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Hey Ben,

I’ll have to do some more tests to see what may be causing this. However this is on the exact same setup that I use/have been using for all my sites, and the BB builder normally seems to work fine.

I’ll be back in touch should I find anything.


Using Lazy Load images on WP Rocket is causing the issue.

I had a similar problem with your portfolio module.

WP Rocket is a very popular and effective plugin - it would be great to get BB plugin and it working nicely together, especially as lazyload plays an important role in improving visitor experience.

There is a conflict somewhere - could be related to how the images are fetched/displayed - so I’m hoping Justin and the team can find a solution.

Hope this helps.

Hey Dennis,

Are you using the latest version of WP Rocket? This thread has a similar issue and the user contacted WP Rocket and was told this will be fixed on version 2.6(was the latest back then).


I’m using latest version 2.6.4

The above thread which was resolved with the update was for a different issue on displaying animated GIFs.

The actual issue with the portfolio module hasn’t been resolved. This is what Justin said on this (extract):

It looks like the gallery library we are using is getting thrown off because the images aren’t actually loaded when the layout logic is run when the page loads. This is throwing off the height/width calculations and affects a few of the different gallery libraries that I tested.

Hey Dennis,

If you go back a few pages on that thread, the primary issue was that on a template where our Gallery module is used, the images don’t line up properly and it was caused by WP Rocket’s lazy load. Is this the same thing you are experiencing?

Thanks for the heads up though. I’ll have the guys check in on this.


No, as you see in the video link - the gallery doesn’t display in carousel:

Hey Dennis,

I’ve already submitted a bug report for this.



Hi Dennis,

This issue has been fixed and will be available when we release the new post modules next week.

Thanks for the heads up!


Hi Justin,

Now that’s what I call fast! Keep up the great work.