Beta test the latest version of the Beaver Builder theme!

More info here…

Please let us know if you have any feedback or run into any issues by posting in this thread.


Hello guys!

That is a great update (Thank you Ozan).

I have found a bug I think. When I add spacing in a boxed layout, and the fixed header option is set to “Fixed” or “Shrink”, the spacing is applied between the content and the header instead of being applied between the header and the window.

I love the idea of hiding the header until the page is scrolled, but I think this should be a per-page option instead of a global one. The reason for this is because usually only the landing page or the home page has a big hero shot row that needs the menu to be hidden until scroll. Maybe a page template could be a better option, so that we can choose which pages will have the hidden menu.

I hope this helps!

Thank you!

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for the bug report.
I’ll fix it right away.

For “per-page header option”, It’s on our list :slight_smile:


Thanks for the 1.5 beta, I’m working through the features and it looks excellent - thanks so much for all the hard work.

One thing I was kinda hoping for was a menu like in this site:
example site with mobile like menu

What are the chances that I can reproduce this by making the new ‘Nav Vertical Right’ menu open/close on demand like this?

Kind regards, Dave

One little thing I just noticed.
I discovered you can use the left/right keyboard keys to move the sliders (e.g. ‘Vertical Nav Width’), but the width value to the right does not change.

Regards, Dave

Just checked out the mega-menus - looks great thanks.

One small thing I noticed, if I have a sub-menu that is not a link (so the url is made blank), that menu item still has a hover effect as if it is a link.

Regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

I, personally like “mobile like” menus too.

Off Canvas menu and Overlay menu is on our list. Stay tuned for it.

Actually, all slider controls works with left/right keyboard keys (tested again right now) but I recommended to use your mouse for browser related issues.

For empty menu URL question. That is how WP works. It still makes them links. Sorry :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.

Thanks Ozan,
Yes you are correct re the links - but at least the mouse pointer changes to indicate it is not actually a link - perhaps I can place a class for those items and change the hover.

With the Off Canvas and overlay menu options - is this something post 1.5 or something you are looking at for this release?
I need to advise the client :slight_smile:

All the best, Dave

You’re right Dave. It will be useful on mega-menu, like a heading…
I’ll adjust the styling for it.

Unfortunately, Off Canvas and Overlay menus planed for next release.


Yes a Heading option would be a perfect option and solution to this…
Thanks, Dave

I’ve noticed that some of the fonts (lato and open sans are two I often use), have undefined in their drop down for Font Weight.

Hi guys just playing with the new release with menu vertical right… Ive added rows and set them to full width with no margin/paddings but i still seem to have a gap of about 10-15px either side of content. i managed to get full width -15px left and right , is this normal to have to do ?

Id like to +1 for off page canvas with ability to add widgets may be also on left and right vertical menus aswell if possible

Yeah - I can’t go full width with rows when vertical menu is activated.

Seems like there is an issue on full width rows when vertical menu is activated. I’ll fix it right away.

Thanks for the feedback, @Wpaddict and @Stig.

Is it supposed to work with the Child Theme?

When I try to use the Child Theme, the option to hide the header until scroll is not there in Customizing ▸ Header ▸ Header Layout

David; Works with child themes. Make sure “Fixed Header” is set to disabled.

oh I get it. that worked thanks!

Thanks Dave, that bug fixed.

Really liking the header changes. In testing the “Nav Centered + Inline Logo” Navigation, the centering of the Logo seems to be dependent on the lengths of Left/Right menus. I think the logo should be center and the L/R Menus balanced off the logo. Subjectively it looks odd to me when the logo is off center.

I exaggerated the size of the logo so you could see.


Logo shrink is a bit jumpy on Safari, works fine in chrome and firefox though.
(first safari and then chrome)