Beta test the latest version of the Beaver Builder theme!


I wanted to set the content width to 1280 but I can’t becouse the slider is to small. I can set it to 1281 or 1176 but I’cant set it to 1280 :slight_smile:

Yes, would have been nice to be able to type in exact values next to all sliders.

Noticed another thing; when footer widgets + parallax footer is enabled, widget content gets partly hidden;

Hi László,

You can use your left/right keyboard keys for fine adjustment.

Hey @Stig,

Thank you again for your feedback, It seems parallax footers height more than viewports height and footer position is fixed, that caused an issue. I’ll fix it right away.

In testing the “Nav Centered + Inline Logo” Navigation, the centering of the Logo seems to be dependent on the lengths of Left/Right menus.

@riderworks thanks for the detailed feedback there. The reason that it works that way is because if it didn’t, the whole unit (menu items + logo) would be off center inside of the header. On smaller screen sizes we’d have to push menu items off the screen to achieve that as well. Here’s your screenshot adjusted to reflect that…

I think most themes with this type of menu work the way we have it. It’s just that everyone sets the menu items so that it looks prefect in the demos.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I understand. I’ve also reset the Menus to get better centering. Demos always look good :slight_smile:

Yes they do! Thanks for understanding, Doug :slight_smile:

Any idea of the release date of the final version please ?

Many thanks for the great update.


Hi Stephen,

Beta’s are typically around for 2 - 4 weeks depending on the number of issues we run into. So far this one is going pretty smooth. I’ll have an update with some fixes out next week and if everything goes well there, it could be out the following week. Stay tuned!


Many thanks Justin and keep up the good work !


Hi BB team! Just a quick question. With respects to the MEGA Menu concept.
We don’t see the option to put in the class as per your showcase? We missing something?
We only see the usual stuff in there. Even when we make nav items ( custom links)



I think I found another bug. When selecting the Vertical Nav and the Customizer sidebar is displayed on my screen, this happens:

I hope this helps.

Thank you!

That does the trick Ozan! Awesome. :slight_smile: This is going to be fun! Can’t wait for the official release.


The body on laptop is stretched outside viewpoint. So i can scroll vertical.

Hey Joakim,

Do you have a link or screenshot you can show us of the issue?


[Content Hidden]

Hi Joakim,

Your screenshot only accessible for your slack team.
Could you possibly upload it to a public image hosting platform so we’re able to see it.


Hi Ozan,

First, thanks for all of the hard work on the new beta. I appreciate the new improvements.

Regarding the slider to adjust full width and sidebar width, the keyboard left and right are not working for me on a Mac. I too would vote for a field next to the slider for more accurate adjustments.

I’d also like to see a text field next to the logo (and other image elements) that would allow a full path to an image rather than uploading from the WP media center.