Beta test version 1.6.4 of the Beaver Builder plugin!

More info…

Be sure to let us know if you have any feedback or find any bugs. Thanks!

Ok bug report time!

When opening a row, I’m seeing options for text customization (colors, hover color, etc). Is this intended? The options are also blanked out – meaning I just see blank space to where the drop-downs should be.

The color overlay dropdown is missing as well.

I cleared my BB cache. Is there another step I should take to be sure it isn’t just on my end?

It looks like clearing out Chrome a few times did the trick. Sorry for the concern!

No worries, Desmond! Thanks for testing out the beta!

Testing the Beta. Really liking the changes. A couple of issues.

  1. I’m using a custom font from “” for my headers and styling them in the Child Themes CSS. All the “Heading” modules are overwriting the custom font with “Helvetica”, even when I place “!important” in the “font-family” CSS.
  2. In latest version of Safari on Mac, the new color picker never fully shows up when editing colors. It flashes briefly and then disappears. Chrome and Firefox behave normally.
  3. The “Full Height” Row setting seems to actually be more than the full row height by the number of pixels of the Top Bar and Header combined height.

Not a bug, but it would be helpful to maybe be able to set the “Full Height” to less than 100% with a text box next to the “Full Height” selection. Users may not think there is any more to the page and never scroll down. I’ve sometimes used 90% or 85% heights with other themes just to make sure the user sees something else below.

Love the Equal Column height and Column width handles.



Bug in the number counter:

If you select the “circle counter” or “Bars counter” option with the “percent” number type, the “Total” field vanish.
The “Total” field is working if you have already set it before you change the number type, but you can not adjust anymore if the number type is “percent”.

Missing features in the style tab:

1, Align (left, center …)
2, Text size (px)
3, Spacing between the text and the numbers

@Doug Thanks for the feedback! We’ll definitely be sure to get those issues fixed. Regarding full height rows, it’s actually working as intended, the rows are the same height as the browser window. However, I understand what you’re after and have made a note to discuss possible solutions with the team.

@László Thanks as well! The “Total” field is only meant to be visible when “Number Type” is set to “Percent”. I’ve made a note to discuss the additional style settings with the team.

What a great bunch of updates!

I’m testing the full height row, using a slider. Is there a way to have the content slider make the slide fill the screen?

@nomad411 Thanks! There isn’t a way to make the content slider fill the screen, but I’ve added that to my notes to discuss.

Ahh ok. Would be nice. Meanwhile I’ll throw in Revolution Slider, it’ll fill it

Thanks, great update! :slight_smile:

Fantastic stuff… I can’t believe this is an x.x.4 update–Mozilla rounds up to a whole number every time they recompile Firefox.

New column tools are great! Column width dragging is great. It’d still be great to be able to snap-drag to standard column widths (ala Weebly). The snap really helps you quickly line up columns in separate rows and create consistent layouts between page sections and pages. BB’s new “saved rows/modules” feature addresses this to some extent, but I don’t necessarily want to save (for example) a blank column set just to store a 1/3,2/3 setup.

It’s important not just from the standpoint of rapid page layout for the designer, but also from the user experience for the client; if I can snap to a position I feel much more confident in what I’m doing. Instilling end-user confidence is what BB does better than any other WP builder.

Anyhow, absolutely stellar updates, will post any bugs.

I tested the color presets and something is not right.

WP MU + Chrome (I deleted the editor cache and refreshed the site…)

1, I saved some colors and when I click on saved color, put it in another color to the field which is saved.
2, I can’t delete the saved color. When clicked the delete icon (x) jumps the popup and I confirm the deletion but the saved color is not deleted.

WP MU + Opera (This is a virgin browser, I use it only testing. I deleted all cache, cookie … before I started the test + the editor cache is deleted too)

I can’t save colors. When I save a color I see that the color have saved but if I close the modul settings windows and I open a new one modul there are no longer among the saved colors.

Perhaps this could be something cache problem but it is quite strange that none of the browser is completely good and the two browser have different error. I started that I deleted all cache and refreshed the browser.

The end result is that, I can not use it at all.

I continued testing

1, I cleard all cookie, history, cache … in my chrome brower.
2, I loged in the wp mu
3, In the system admin I deleted the editor (bb plugin) cache of all wp mu site
4, I switched the test site and there are also deleted the editor cache.
5, I created one new page and created a title on this page and save that.
5, Reopened the title and the title color settings. Here came the first surprise :slight_smile: The colors what I saved with the Opera browser now thay had.
6, I went back to the opera browser refreshed the page and the colors what I saved have been found here too. I tested it and now I can save new colors. The saved colors only it appears in the other (chrome) browser when the page will refresh completely.
7 I tested, the delet funciton once it works sometimes not. If I refreshing the page somtimes I can delet the colors sometimes I can’t.
8, Now with the chrome browser I can delet the colors if I refreshing the page sometimes.

The deletion error perhaps only cache problem although quite strange becouse all of cache I deleted before I started the test and everything else works fine.

I tested the another error, when the saved color, put it an another color to the color field. This is a real problem or bug. After I cleared all cache i tested it and the error is same both browsers.

I saved this color: 944747 and if I click on this then this put another color to the color field: 0e6a6b. If I change the browser the error is completely the same. I clicked on 944747 and this put the 0e6a6b color to the field. The incorrectly inserted color is same as each other both browsers. It’s not cache problem. Finally I tried this with firefox and the error and the wrong color is completely same.

Hello guys!

This is a great update. To be fair, all the last updates have been great. You guys have been busy, which is good for all of us. Thank you for that.

Since it is a big update, my “bug report” is also quite big. I am using Chrome.

Color Presets
1.- It seems that when you save a color preset, it will only be available as a preset after you have published the changes. I have two examples:
a) I created a preset when editing a global region, after the template editor closed, the preset was not available in the builder. It was available until I closed and open the editor again.
b) I created a preset when editing one module. Then I wanted to use the same preset in another module but it is not available until I publish the changes and open the editor again.

2.- I am also unable to delet existing color presets.


  • An idea here would be that those presets are dynamic and that we can change them. This way all elements using preset 1 (that is blue) can be easily changed to green with just one edit.
  • Use a CSS variable like #bbp1 to link to preset 1, and so on.
  • Make those presets “talk” with the theme option, so that we can reach them from both the editor and the theme customizer.

Full Height Rows
These are working great for me. The idea of removing the header’s height is worth considering. It would be a great option to consider if we could add a global row with a menu module on it.

Equal Column Heights
It is working as expected, I just have an idea. It would be great if we had an option to automatically have the content of the smallest columns center vertically. This could come handy in some cases.

The Animated Numbers Module
I am having issues with the bar counter. Most of the times I load the page, that counter will not start.

That is all for now. I hope it helps!

Hey guys

This is great I’ve tested on a clean install and all was good - and still testing but on my existing site I had a few problems so had to roll back,

Firstly when I activated the builder the icons on the column and row settings looked odd, with bullett points and I couldnt recognise the column icon nor click it.I deactivated all my plugins and then reactivated which fixed it, so I guess a plugin conflict was lurking somewhere.

Second, the Google font I choose from the customiser wasn’t working and overridden with Helvetica, as much as I like the big H family, I much prefer my pretty Josefin! So rolled back for now.

Thanks Kat

Hey guys, what an awesome update! :slight_smile:

Just a couple notes so far and in actuality, they are not ‘bugs’ but more like suggestions.

Color Picker - Presets

  • from a workflow perspective, when laying out any site, one is usually working with a limited set of colors to reflect the client’s or site’s “brand”
  • would be nice to be able to set these colors in a Settings > Page Builder > Colors option where they would then be available to all BB elements
  • as an extra-added-BB-is-awesome bonus, when one updated the colors here, they would be automatically updated wherever they are used :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, back to the test site :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I’m basically reporting the same issue as regarding the color presets, with some more insight:

The problem with preset colors not being removable/deletable is most likely related to how the PHP/JS handles the color string. The only colors that can not be removed are the ones with pure digit values (so the ones containing 0123456789 only, no abcdef).

Hope this will get you on the right track when resolving the issue :wink:



+1 for Lyle’s suggestion above.

The preset colors are strongly tight to the theme colorscheme, so, it would be great to have a setting in the plugin admin area to create a predefined set of colors. Or maybe just allow a filter hook for this (I’m currently doing it by overriding the _fl_builder_color_presets option which isn’t that elegant :wink:


One last thing about color presets from me:

If there is a filter hook to set up the theme default color scheme, would it be possible to make the color preset array work with actual string keys for better reference and overriding via the theme and Customizer?


My theme has this color scheme:

$theme_colors = array(
  'accent'  => '123123',
  'warning' => '999999'

When I update the _fl_builder_color_presets option with this color scheme, it is not recognized by the color picker color presets functionality until I remove the array keys.

This, however, causes issues with Customizer. I have all the theme colors added to Customizer so user can change them to whatever he/she likes. But now, when I want to reset the color presets for Beaver Builder color picker, I have no array key to hook onto to change the particular color value, so, I’m left with these options only:

  • Override the whole color presets array
  • Or add those new colors to the array

As you can imagine, none of those provides good UX.

Thanks for consideration / fixes!


Thanks for the feedback and bug reports everyone! I was out yesterday and am just getting back into this thread. I’ll post a follow up shortly.