Blog Gallery


I’m looking to create a Photo Portfolio that has the same overlay features that the Blog Gallery layout utilizes. The overlay hover effect is what I am attempting to emulate.

Do you have any documentation on how the Blog Gallery was created, template/custom post information?

Is it possible to utilize the Blog Gallery in a standard page and use the featured image as the overlay thumbnail then opening in a lightbox when clicked on?

Loving BB!!


Hey Bob,

Glad to hear you’re loving the product! We don’t really have a documentation on how the Blog Gallery was made but you can check out the module’s code and use that as a basis for your Custom Module. That would be only way to achieve what you want via BB. :slight_smile:

Another thing you can try is using our Gallery Module then enable captions on hover. It’s not exactly the same but it’s pretty close so I suggest you give that a shot!

Hope this helps!



Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Do you have the CSS code that I would tweak to make the overlay and text the same size as the overlay for the Blog Gallery?



Hey Bob,

Getting it to look exactly like the Blog Gallery layout will be quite tricky(if not impossible) specially the part where we put the text in the middle of the overlay. I would suggest using it as is. But if you want to play around with it, you can modify this CSS snippet.

/* Make overlay cover the entire image as well as change font-size/line-height */
.fl-photo-content .fl-photo-caption-hover {
  height: 100%;
  font-size: 16px;
  line-height: 22px;

Sorry, I wish I had a better answer for you.