Body Background Image Not Working In BB Theme


I am trying to add a body background image to the site. But adjusting these settings in the theme option page does not seem to have any effect.
My alternative is to use CSS but it would defeat the purpose.

See attached screenshot. -



FYI - I am trying to replicate my old site @ that uses a Genesis theme.

Hi Christopher,

It looks like a settings thing. If you change the body background settings to the following, everything should be good:

Repeat = None
Position = Center Top
Attachment = Fixed
Scale = Fill

Please let us know if those settings work for you.


Hi Colin,

Sorry that did not work. If I look at the code, background-image: none;
And I can not see the image loading anywhere else.

Settings Page -




That’s not good - It should work if the image is in your Media library.

Is your image is Wide enough? Somewhere between 1280px and 1920px wide is a good number to aim for.

Can you also try the following:

Double-check the Code area to make sure you don’t have any css over-rides

Click on Replace, then Select Photo, then re-select your image.

If that doesn’t work, can you try uploading a different image that is 1920px wide to your media library and see if it works with that?

Hopefully that helps.


Hi Colin,

I have worked it out. It was related to the layout settings -
It must be boxed and NOT full width. This makes sense but easy to overlook.



That’s awesome Chris!

Didn’t think of that but it makes total sense.

Thanks for letting me know:)

Awesome, thanks Colin!