Boxes with animations disappear in version 1.7.x


I have this pages in my web:

With Beaver Builder version I have been update to 1.7.3, and then all boxes with any animation disappear. I have to downgrade to appear again.

I have been do it a clone in my staging site, desactivated all plugins except Beaver, and update to 1.7.3, and also disappear:

I can understand what is wrong. I also change my theme and get the same result. In other sites I have been update to 1.7.3 fine.

Any idea?


Hi Flamerz,

Would it be possible for you to provide temp admin access to both your live site and staging site, please? So we can take a closer look.


Of course Danny.

How can i send yo a private message? If enough wit private reply?


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Hi, Any good news?

Hey Flamerz,

Sorry for the delay. The problem is caused by the global JS script you added. It included HTML code on it <div id=“fb-root”></div> and caused an error. The reason it works on the older version if because the global JS section hasn’t been implemented there yet.

What does that code do? Did you need to add the HTML code somewhere?


This code is from facebook.

Usually used for social sharing, and campaingn pixel, …

But in my staging site, I don’t see this code:

I don’t have any plugin activated, and Genesis Framework is so Simple, and don’t use social code.

I can’t think this can be the problem. It’s a normal code in a website.


Hey Flamerz,

The problem is that the JS code section in the layout settings only accepts JS code. That line is HTML, so it’s generating an error. This can be found on your staging site under Tools > Global Settings > Javascript. If you remove the entire code there, it should start working.


Ok, I saw. I can’t understand how this code appear in this site.

Now is working. Thanks!

Awesome! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: