BUG - CSS issues when using Simple Shortcodes plugin (by simplethemes)

I discovered some problems when using the BB plugin with the Simple Shortcodes plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/smpl-shortcodes/).

This may or may not be a problem on your end, but thought I’d report it.

The SS plugin seems to cause some CSS issues. Everything looks fine in Page Builder, but when you publish, it looks a mess. If you disable SS, all is well.

See image. Screen on the left is correct, the right is a mess. The button grew in height, but the text is no longer centered. The icons no longer line up with the text to the right of them.

SS plugin CSS errors

I’m using this plugin with the SMPL Skeleton theme (https://www.simplethemes.com/wordpress-themes/theme/skeleton), but I believe SimpleThemes uses the plugin along with all their themes. So anyone using their themes may have issues.

Personally, I planned on switching over to the BB theme, so I’m not too concerned about this.

Hey Justin,

That certainly looks like the plugin is adding styling which is causing the problem. We can check it out if you’d like, we just need the URL of the page in question so we can check. :slight_smile: