Bug? Fixed Header Always On

Hey guys, so I wrote a custom function on my child theme which allows me to place my own header.

I noticed that even if I turn off the bb-theme header - the ‘fixed’ header code is still showing up on the website. If I go and turn off the ‘fixed header’ option and THEN set header layout to None - it goes away.

I’m thinking this is a bug or oversight?

When setting header to layout: None - it should also hide the fixed header - regardless of if it’s set to display or not.

Hope this helps. Very minor - but produces a bunch of un-necessary code on the front end.

Hey Jay,

I’ve already talked to the guys about this just a few patches ago and it is working as intended. We’re also considering about layouts that don’t have a main header but needs the fixed header. What you are doing to disable it is correct though so you don’t really need additional code to hide it.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks Ben, yeah that makes sense :slight_smile:

It’s hard to design something that has to be used in so many implementations, but the BB-solution is working pretty well considering - such a great theme to build from! And the support is awesome too lol.

Thanks again <3

Hey Jay,

No worries! And that’s great to hear! :slight_smile: Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: