Button built in BB not linking to external URL


So we built a page using BB. We a few buttons and while most work, for whatever reason one of the buttons isn’t connecting at all. I’ve tried to start from scratch a few times, double checked the URL, duplicated a working button, and all come back with the same issue. I’m not sure how to proceed here.

Hi there,

You’ve somehow added a negative left margin to the button module on the right which is causing part of that module to overlay the I’m a Bride button. That’s preventing the button from working.

.fl-node-6026b43b4299f > .fl-module-content {
    margin-left: -200px;

Open the Advanced tab in your button module and remove that -200px left margin. That should fix the issue!

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Thanks! I updated it so now it says 20 like the rest, but still no luck in making it clickable. :pensive:

You still have -200px margin on the button on the right, you shouldn’t use negative margins this is why, the button element on the right overlaps the button on the left because of the negative margins.

See Pross’ note above. If you want the buttons to be close together in the center of the page, use left & right alignment in the button module. Don’t use margins for that.

Holy crap. I’m Sorry I totally skipped over the part that I needed to update the vendor button to fix that issue. The page was set up by someone else and was having trouble figuring out what went wrong here. I appreciate the help!!

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