call the post-grid module with PHP

Quick question? Is there any way to call the post-grid module/function from PHP?

Hey Twanneman,

There isn’t a way for that unfortunately. What are you trying to achieve exactly? You can save the module as a template instead and call it via shortcode. Check the KB article below for more info. :slight_smile:


Hey Ben,

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m aware of the fl_builder_insert_layout shortcode :slight_smile:

I’ve used the shortcode at first, but the client needs to be able to select specific cases and change them whenever he wants to. Also I don’t want the client to manage the service/staff and cases on different admin-pages.

So here’s what I want to do:
I’ve setup three custom taxonomies called services, staff and cases.

When creating a new service the client can add one contact (staff) and 3 related cases using advanced custom fields.

I then want to use the post-grid module to display the contact and related cases on the service page.

I hope it’s clear what I want todo, if you need more info let me know!

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Hey Twanneman,

Sorry to say but only saved modules/rows can be called using that shortcode. You might want to look at creating your own custom module. Check the link below for more info.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.


Okay Ben, I’ll look into custom module development.

No worries! Have fun! :slight_smile: